Blog Roll Please… The Clothes Horse

Welcome to the first of a new series of blog posts!

‘Blog Roll Please…’ will feature my favorite fashion bloggers — both those I’ve been reading for years and new favorites will be featured here!

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It’s strange to feel like you know someone when you’ve never met them in person and the only conversing you’ve done is brief and via blog comments. On one hand, I think it’s a mark of a truly talented writer/curator who can convey a sort of relationship with their readers; on the other hand, it’s one of the oddest things I’ve found about blogging.

The first blog I am featuring is written by a young woman who I’ve been reading for years. I’ve picked her because her blog was the first fashion blog I followed regularly (and still do).

Without further ado, I present….

Rebecca of The Clothes Horse

To me, her style is an enjoyable amalgamation of grace, elegance, humor, and playfulness with a nod to the mod counterculture of late 1950’s – 1960’s London. That’s just my perspective! Style aside, I find her blog to be full of lovely, inspiring content and wonderful prose that would keep any fashion or art lover coming back for years.

I’ve just realized how difficult it can be to describe some ones style in a very succinct and descriptive manner, particularly if you’ve witnessed their style for any length of time. People change, people change their clothes.

How would you describe your style in five words or less?


Wear/Where: First Thursday at Seattle Art Museum

It may be hard to believe, coming from some one who has lived in or near Seattle the majority of her life, but, I had never been to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). Until tonight that is. The first Thursday of each month, admission to SAM is free!

There is something about a museum that makes me speak quietly, walk slowly, and breathe deeply. The emotion and history in each piece draws intrigue. A few pieces caused an actual visceral response in me at first sight. Something that catches your eye immediately, a smile creeping in, even before you’ve had the opportunity to fully register why you are reacting. I’ve felt this way about beautifully made clothing or a well designed outfit too.


Top: Oldnavy 2011 | Skirt: Target | Cardigan: thrifted | Shoes: Target | Octopus: Modcloth | Necklace: F21


work then straight to the art museum!

I knew there would be a lot of walking today, so, though I had planned heels originally, I thought a day like this would have me dying in heels. I can manage through work, but the second I walk in the front door those puppies are off. I went to the museum alone. I felt this would be best for my first time at least. I didn’t want to feel either rushed or held up by my company. I wanted only to experience what was in front of me and around me and not have to worry about anything else. Everything was fantastic. I hope to go again soon, I didn’t get to see any of the Elles:Pompidou exhibit, but not before making the rounds to the rest of the Seattle Museums I have yet to visit!

My Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts Right Now

Happy November! Or rather Happy Oh-Crap-it’s-already-November! Better get a move on my Christmas knitting projects.

In no particular order here are my current top 5 favorite instagrammers:

Not Your Standard

(instagram) (blog)
Posts of outfit sneak peaks and some truly lovely accessory layouts on this instagram. Her blog is Not Your Standard


(instagram) (blog)
Chic and affordable outfit posts and home decor complements a fantastic blog High Fashion 4 Less

Jessie Kass

(instagram) (blog)
Looove these outfit posts from an incredibly beautiful location. Also, there are great hair and make up tutorials on her blog Seams for a Desire

Piper Case

I have been inspired on numerous occasions for my own outfits by Piper Case. Wonderful outfit shots.

A Girl, A Style

(instagram) (blog)
Lovely, feminine life and style photos from an Australian girl living in Cambridge who was also recently invited to be the face of a Michael Kors campaign!

Do you have any favorites? Who are they and what do you like about them?

Upcoming Event: The DRES System Book Launch Party

The Power of DRES Book Launch Party
Saturday, November 3rd, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
The Woodmark Hotel, Kirkland, WA

The DRES System shows women how to dress for their body shape. DRES stands for Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire with corresponding body shapes (bustier with smaller hips, small on top with curvier hips, etc). The creators of the DRES System have written The Power of DRES as an easy, go-to handbook on the DRES System.

While I believe nothing is truly off limits when it comes to fashion, understanding how different styles of clothing fit your body shape can be very beneficial and even encourage women to try a style they wouldn’t have otherwise thought possible. Most importantly, this book aims to help women love their bodies and appreciate what makes them unique. To learn more about the DRES System and their new book, visit their website.

This sounds like a wonderful event!

You can sign up for the book launch party here

Boots: A love story

Destiny; fate.
fate – destiny – lot – fortune – doom – chance – portion

Every so often, one comes across something in such a perfect circumstance that they are forced to say, “This is meant to be! Fate! Kismet!”. This is how I feel about my Coach boots.

Miriam Coach Boots (Found another pair on ebay)

As the fall boots came walking onto every store website and into every shoe department I began looking for my perfect pair. I was looking for a stiletto heel in black or dark brown with a toe that wasn’t too pointy or too square. Each fall I would purchase a pair and wear them year round (this is the Pacific Northwest after all). They would usually last about halfway through the summer before beginning to fall to pieces, giving my feet a duck billed look as the soles flapped in time with my steps.

And then it happened.

One fine payday, I was browsing the shops on my way home. It was starting to get dark and I was just about to succumb to low blood sugar and dehydration, when I glanced up to see a Ross store that I had never been inside. Something was drawing me in. Was it the fluorescent lights glaring out into the darkening night sky? Or perhaps something more? I guess I’ll never know for certain. I sauntered towards the piles of shoes that, in the morning, I’m sure were tidy in their boxes, but by the end of the night, were  just piles of shoes. I grabbed a few pairs of boots and thought, “Hmm… passable.”, ” These will do I guess”. Then it happened. I spotted something. Leather with leather soles. Quality construction. Size 8.5. Coach. $129.99. By this point. the fact that they fit perfectly was practically irrelevant. We were immediately in love with each other, It was fate. It was kismet.

Have you ever experienced fashion kismet?


Photo from Seattle FNO 2012 – Photo Scavenger Hunt

The name “Formal Friday” was inspired by a coworker of mine. It was a Friday like any other, or so I thought (cue music…)

There was a large gala planned for that evening that my coworker was managing. Instead of bringing his tuxedo to change into later, he wore it in the office, all day long. Hence was born the concept: Formal Friday;

“How marvelous!”, I thought to myself. This started me  thinking about other rules I could break.

I can wear black with brown if I want (hello black dress + cognac boots)

I can wear bright coral red heels to the office, yes I can!

I can try any new trend that I want, and I don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed of myself for doing so.

My name is Rebekah, I’m a 24 year old gal living in Seattle and I am the owner of this blog.

Formal Friday is a life and style  blog about trying new things and not being afraid to break a few rules (ex: casual Friday)  I enjoy exploring the fashion, food, and social events that this city has to offer.