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Wear/Where: First Thursday at Seattle Art Museum

It may be hard to believe, coming from some one who has lived in or near Seattle the majority of her life, but, I had never been to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). Until tonight that is. The first Thursday of each month, admission to SAM is free!

There is something about a museum that makes me speak quietly, walk slowly, and breathe deeply. The emotion and history in each piece draws intrigue. A few pieces caused an actual visceral response in me at first sight. Something that catches your eye immediately, a smile creeping in, even before you’ve had the opportunity to fully register why you are reacting. I’ve felt this way about beautifully made clothing or a well designed outfit too.


Top: Oldnavy 2011 | Skirt: Target | Cardigan: thrifted | Shoes: Target | Octopus: Modcloth | Necklace: F21


work then straight to the art museum!

I knew there would be a lot of walking today, so, though I had planned heels originally, I thought a day like this would have me dying in heels. I can manage through work, but the second I walk in the front door those puppies are off. I went to the museum alone. I felt this would be best for my first time at least. I didn’t want to feel either rushed or held up by my company. I wanted only to experience what was in front of me and around me and not have to worry about anything else. Everything was fantastic. I hope to go again soon, I didn’t get to see any of the Elles:Pompidou exhibit, but not before making the rounds to the rest of the Seattle Museums I have yet to visit!