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Boots: A love story

Destiny; fate.
fate – destiny – lot – fortune – doom – chance – portion

Every so often, one comes across something in such a perfect circumstance that they are forced to say, “This is meant to be! Fate! Kismet!”. This is how I feel about my Coach boots.

Miriam Coach Boots (Found another pair on ebay)

As the fall boots came walking onto every store website and into every shoe department I began looking for my perfect pair. I was looking for a stiletto heel in black or dark brown with a toe that wasn’t too pointy or too square. Each fall I would purchase a pair and wear them year round (this is the Pacific Northwest after all). They would usually last about halfway through the summer before beginning to fall to pieces, giving my feet a duck billed look as the soles flapped in time with my steps.

And then it happened.

One fine payday, I was browsing the shops on my way home. It was starting to get dark and I was just about to succumb to low blood sugar and dehydration, when I glanced up to see a Ross store that I had never been inside. Something was drawing me in. Was it the fluorescent lights glaring out into the darkening night sky? Or perhaps something more? I guess I’ll never know for certain. I sauntered towards the piles of shoes that, in the morning, I’m sure were tidy in their boxes, but by the end of the night, were  just piles of shoes. I grabbed a few pairs of boots and thought, “Hmm… passable.”, ” These will do I guess”. Then it happened. I spotted something. Leather with leather soles. Quality construction. Size 8.5. Coach. $129.99. By this point. the fact that they fit perfectly was practically irrelevant. We were immediately in love with each other, It was fate. It was kismet.

Have you ever experienced fashion kismet?